Srizony Bangladesh, A National Socio-Economic Development Organization, has been working in the field of Health (Sanitation, Hygiene, Nutrition, Family Planning), Education, Renewable Energy (Solar Home System, Biogas, Improve Cook Stove), Sustainable Agriculture Development Program (Social Forestation, Nursery, Fish Culture, Poultry & Livestock Rearing), Human Rights & Good Governess (Women and Child Rights Establishment, Prevention of Women and Child Trafficking, Legal Aid and Gender Justice Program, Disable Rehabilitation Program) and other development activities since 1985 with a view to Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights establishment of the Poverty-stricken underprivileged people. Srizony Bangladesh believes that human being are both subject and object of the development process as the people have enormous potentiality to change their distressed situation. Srizony Bangladesh maintains participatory and bottom up development approach in its activities. Srizony Bangladesh always gives the highest priority to the needs of the poor and is undertaking different development programs day by day responding the needs of the poor with the changing situation. Srizony Bangladesh works all over the country in 61 districts with its 2540 capable, potential and committed staffs.

Bank Information:

i. Name of Bank: Uttara Bank Limited
Name of Account: Srizony Bangladesh
Number of Account: 290711100113410

ii. Name of Bank: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Name of Account: Srizony Bangladesh
Number of Account: 228.120.226

Registration Authorities:

Sl.  No.
Name of the Authority Registration Number Date of Registration
NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister
Society ACT XXI of 1860- Joint Stock Companies Bangladesh
S-2519 (112)/2000
Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority
MRA- 00675-01941-00239

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